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Mike Bury Golf

Remote Coaching - Single Session

Remote Coaching - Single Session

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What included in a Single Session

You may upload four (4) videos (must meet the video guidelines posted in CoachNow).

The four (4) videos should include:

• Two (2) x Down the line shots

• Two (2) x Face on shots

All with the same club (using a different club would be considered a separate analysis).

Full details on video guidelines in your CoachNow App Training Space.

If an upload does not meet the video guidelines, the student will have one opportunity to re-record and upload. Two failed attempts and the analysis will be deemed completed.


How do I send videos?

You upload your videos to the CoachNow app. Once you are registered, you’ll be sent a link to sign up to CoachNow. It is a free app for students.


Can I send old videos or do they need to be recent?

To receive the best analysis, your videos should be recent and must follow the filming criteria that we have uploaded to your CoachNow Training Space.


What's the turnaround time?

You can upload videos to CoachNow any time, any day. Mike tries to turn them around as fast as possible. Analysis’ are completed in the order they are received.


How it works

Step One:

Upload videos of your swing to the coaching platform at your convenience.

Step Two:

Mike provides a voiceover analysis of your swing using the coaching platform video analysis software.

Step Three:

Mike provides a video uploaded to the coaching platform recapping your issues the desired changes and demonstrates the drill prescribed to make the changes.

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