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CHIPPING ESSENTIALS - (Chapters 1-3 of 7)

CHIPPING ESSENTIALS - (Chapters 1-3 of 7)

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Chipping is a part of the game that either saves you shots or costs you shots. There is no break even when it comes to chipping. "Chipping Essentials" is a 7-Chapter series. This is CHAPTERS 1-3

The Chipping Essentials Ebook Series includes:

  1. Mastering the standard "chip-and-run"
  2. Common Set-Up Errors
  3. Swing the "Y"

Full bundle required for the following titles:

  1. Trajectory 1-2-3
  2. Chipping LLC
  3. Putt-Chip Essentials
  4. The Truth About Lies

I strongly recommend the all-inclusive FULL CHIPPING ESSENTIALS ebook if you are considering this purchase! There are lots of gold nuggets you'll want and it will save you money!!!

Delivered as one digital downloadable file with parts 1-3 included.

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